Wednesday, October 10, 2007

SPCA comes to the rescue??

Well I have been working with many people and organizations to try and figure out a way to get Charlie home. Like I've said the only real issue that I am running into is the passage out of Iraq. Its a touchy situation. But besides Bonnie and Military Mascots whom have been a great deal of help in figuring everything out that needs to happen, the SPCA has been working hard in trying to find a solution for Charlie as well as several other pets in Iraq and Afghanistan. I just received an email from them that they may have something worked out for transport out of Iraq. If all goes well hopefully this can happen soon and he can be on his way to the hands of the Military Mascots organization and finally on his way to the US. I will keep everyone posted as this developes.

Also just a quick note to let everyone know that packages for Charlie have been coming in at an outstanding rate. We have received tons of food, theats, bones, toys and various other pet supplies. The last rotation out to the outpost we were able to take the first batch and he has loved just about everything he has received. He is really taking to eating dog food now, but he really went to town on the Benful dog food because it is soft, not totally hard like most dog food. He still eats the other stuff but usually only one or two pieces at a time. He has received several baths, but unfortunately the entire grounds of the outpost are covered in dirt, so he manages to dirty himself right back up like he never had a bath to begin with. But he is still very clean compared to most Iraqi dogs! Also his shipping Kennel has arrived and it is HUGE!! He will have plenty of room in there so no worries about it being to small. Thanks to everone who have sent stuff for Charlie. The number of you all is too great to mention, but THANK YOU!!

I have another friend and fellow soldier working with me to help get Charlie home and he will be handle the exchange of information between SPCA and any coordination that may need to take place while I am on leave. I will be heading out shortly for an 18 day stay back in the US before I head back here to Iraq for a little while longer. Things are looking pretty good right now. I was starting to get worried about wheter or not finding a way out of Iraq was going to be possible, but this new light has given new hope. Lets all keep our fingers crossed and prayers going! Thank you again to everyone for all the emails offering help and support. It means a lot to know how much Charlie is loved!