Friday, November 30, 2007

Charlie got his shots!!

Alright well a quick update as for Charlie and his rabbies shot. I was finally able to get together a patrol and stop by the Ministry of Agriculture. I talked with one of the guys there and he made the trip to the veternarian hospital and picked up the rabbies shot along with 2 others, which I don't remeber what they were. He came back and admisitered them. Charlie took them like a champ and didn't really put up a fight at all. The doctor had to swing back by a couple days later to drop of the health certificate, but I was unable to coordinate being at the outpost when he was to come by. The next rotation out there I will be able to get in touch with him and having him come by and drop that off. The countdown is now underway for the waiting period to pass and then the wheels can start rolling on getting him out of Iraq. Things are looking pretty good right now for transport out and if all goes well hopefully he will be on his was soon. Figured Id just put this latest break up here since it has been a while since I've posted an update.

Charlie is getting big now. He's almost full grown Id say. He's turned in to such a great dog and I so can't wait to get him back to the states and get him cleaned up and see what a beautiful dog he really is. He's going to make a great companion back home and Im exicted that this is looking like it is going to happen. Charlie has been going out on dismounted patrols with us now too. I didn't like the idea at first, but after going on several patrols with him, I think he really enjoys getting out and he seems to have a good time with us. He also helps us when we do random vechicle stops by barking at the car until we get up there and get the driver out! :) He has gotten a little too friendly with some of the local nieghborhood dogs, but now he has learned to keep his distance and stays around most of us.

A quick story about the "Adventure of Charlie" that happened while I was home on leave. One of our squads headed out on a patrol and ended up having to stay in some building watching this area all night and the next morning they got picked up by another platoon to come back to the outpost. They tried to get Charlie in the trucks, but the other platoon was not letting them and they had to leave him out there, a good ways away from the outpost. Everyone was worried what was going to happen with im and after almost 3 days people were starting to wonder if he was even ok, until out of nowhere he came trotting back in the entrance to the outpost. The little guy had survived out there on his own and somehow found his way back! I couln't believe it when I heard the story and I'm so glad that he made it back. He's ok now and from this point forward any squad not coming back on foot makes sure and has Charlie stay behind when they head out.