Saturday, September 22, 2007

Sorry for the lack of updates...

Ok I haven't posted much up here lately, but thats because there hasn't been much to update about. Fortunately a lot of what needed to happened occured quickly in the first week or so that this site was up, so that pretty much leaves just the last real main issue of finding Charlie a way out of Iraq. I have a couple angles that I am working on right now, but nothing is set in stone. Trust me as soon as I know, and its a go, I will let yall know once it has happened! But understand that progress will be slow at this point because this last step is of course the hardest step to accomplish. There is practically an Army of supporters out there working right now to try to figure something out. The trip out of Iraq is touchy, but Im still confident that this can happen. Thanks again for every and your support.


Nichole said...

Please keep us posted... and know that you have an army of folks waiting here in the states to help too!
Is there anything that you or Charlie need?

salam said...

hello sir..
May I introduce myself?
OK, I'm an Iraqian girl..I live in Iraq, I found your blog somewhere among 2,700..
I feel so sad about you..
you give your soul to serve the peace... this is very kind of you.
I'll try to visit your blog from time to time... especially when I don't have so much homework..
I will pray for you..
please pray for me!!

O2SeeNIN said...

I am really glad to hear that everything so far is going well. Your paypal donation button is gone..

Anonymous said...

I tried to contact Military Mascots and the website is disabled. I also noticed your donation button is no longer on the website. What's up with Charlie's status?