Thursday, February 14, 2008

The journey begins!!!

Ok well, I was hoping to update this a little more frequently with the progress of Charlies jouney but the internet has been HORRIBLE so I will do my best from here out.

So here's what has happened since my last post. A group of contracts had stopped by the outpost and picked up Charlie and took them to their compound by BIAP (Baghdad Internation Airport). From there they watched him for the night and the next day until that next evening when his flight was scheduled. Apparently Charlie was crying and not to happy about being taken at the time, but they said at the compound that he seemed real happy and was doing good there. They were also nice enough to give him a bath before his transport to the Airport.

About an hour or so before his flight, Terri Crisp from the who has been one of many that have put forth many many hours, days, weeks of helping to get Charlie out of Iraq, flew in to BIAP so that she could escort him on his trip back home. That evening the 2 of them boarded a plane bound for Kuwait City. I was so excited to hear the news when I got the email. Once they landed in Kuwait City Airport, there was a 2 hour wait before they finally boarded a plane bound non-stop 13 hours to Dullas Airport in Washington, DC!! At the time of me writing this, they have been on that flight for about 11 hours so here very soon, Charlie will finally be in the USA! Its awesome to think his little paws will touch American soil for the first time on Valentines Day.

So I am totally overwhealmed with happines that Charlie has finally made it out of here. Had you asked me a month 1/2 ago if I though he was going to make it, I would have said no. I of course was still trying everything I could, but I was beging to lose hope after so many options fell through, including the one with an organization that you think would definatly help by the name, Military Mascots. In fact I am quite upset with the lady of that organization as she totally abondonded me in my help with Charlie.

Fortunatly options opened up and Matt of Blackfive was able to put me in touch with someone that led to a snowball of help that just kept growing and growing in to what has turned out to be a wonderful story. Theres so many people I want to thank that over the past 6 months, have come together and helped in many ways to make this happen. But for the sake of annonimity I will not mention them all at this time, since I have not had their permission. I do want to send out a special thanks to Terri and all the folks of the SPCA Internation for their help and without them I really don't know if this would of been possible. I have been working with Terri for many months now I can't thank her enough for the time and effort she as well as others have put towards helping. They have even begun a new program called Operation Baghdad Pups which is geared specifically towards helping other soldiers in similar situations as mine. They have I believe 11 other soldiers and animals that they are trying to help now, but its looking like Charlie is going to be the first sucess story! So thank you again for all your help, I cant express my gratitude enough.

Well I will go ahead and finish this up now, but I will continue to update this as he completes his journey back home. Im stoked, this is AWESOME!


Nichole said...

Now, will Charlie be waiting for you when you come home? Where is he going from DC?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you are upset with the folks at Military Mascots. In speaking with them they did not abandon you and Charlie (as you claim) they choose to step back since Terri Crisp claimed she was the one to be assisting you to bring Charlie to the US.

cajenki said...

ED!!! Charlie made it safely to Washington DC -- I checked online and saw the article on ABC news website based out of DC. ABC 15 news here in Phx came to my work and interviewed me today about you and Charlie -- I emailed them some pictures of you guys and it aired this evening at 5pm. I'm still waiting to hear from Terri (or you) to find out if Charlie is coming to me right away or not... either way, we will make it work!! I am SO happy for you guys!! He looks happy!

Airbornedad said...

Awesome, Awesome.....congrats and thanks to everyone involved.

girl4whales said...

I sit here with tears in my eyes as I read ur story bout Charlie. I am so happy for all of YOU! I hope u do not mind, but I feel as if YOU and Charlie are apart of my family! *huge hugs* I am so proud of you for all of the work u have put into this, and for NEVER giving up. Next.. get ur self home safe young man, and yes that is an order!
All of my aloha to you and Charlie.. God Bless

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